The Las Vegas Casino

To name your casino the “Las Vegas Casino” can be seen as quite a bold move indeed. Doing so means that you have a very high view of your gambling establishment and that it can more than measure up against the hordes of free casinos out there. Las Vegas is after all the undisputed gambling capital of the world, so a casino that is named as such really needs to have something going for it in order to truly live up to its name.

Thankfully Las Vegas Casino can more than live up to its name, and the host of excellent games that they have on offer–as well as the many spectacular player bonuses–help ensure that.

For starters, Las Vegas Casino offers a New Player Bonus of 125%, which is available with a deposit in the amount of $10 and $100, and players are also eligible to receive a an additional 125% free bonus. Alternately, players also have the option to go for a $125 bonus, which is available with a deposit from $101 and $100,000, and they can even receive $125 free on the first $100, in addition to 25% on the rest of the deposit.