No Deposit Casinos

The fun factor of no deposit casinos

Those who have played in the no deposit casinos know well about the fun factor provided by them. Imagine, getting free cash to play paid games on an online casino. Yes, there are many virtual casinos that provide you with free money. There are no hidden strings attached on such sites. Just select one of the various such virtual casinos and sign up with them. Immediately you will be provided with a small amount of cash and you can use the same to play certain games on that site. Most of you might be wondering if you can withdraw that money you received as bonus immediately.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. When the owners of the reputable free play no deposit casinos are providing you with money from their own pocket to play games on their site, they expect that you play a minimum number of rounds of such games. In fact if you read the rules and regulations on such sites, you will observe that it is specifically mentioned that players need to wager a certain amount of money before they can withdraw their winnings. These rules have been put to protect the webmasters from scammers who visit the site just to sign up and withdraw the bonus money. All you need is a bit of luck and consistency to win back cash prizes from such sites. In case you run out of the free money while on a winning streak, you can continue playing by depositing your own money.